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Samaritan Fund Program is designed for you.

A serious medical diagnosis brings worry and anxiety. Unfortunately, much of that anxiety stems from the high cost of quality medical care. Even the best medical insurance plans don’t cover every drug or every procedure. This leaves many looking for other ways to cover their care. We lift the financial burden of medical costs while you navigate a difficult journey. If you qualify, you will receive funds for out-of-pocket medical expenses and the peace of mind to heal.


A representative guides you through the steps to see if you qualify. The information you share with us is kept secure.

Streamlined Maintenance

Our debit card allows you to pay for all of your qualified medical expenses, while our mobile app is available 24/7 to check balances and pull important documents.

Effortless Onboarding

We've gotten onboarding down to a science. Your representative will set you up, and you're on your way before you know it.

Comprehensive Support

Your devoted representative is available to support your health. Have a question? Need advice? We've got answers.

"I'm so happy that I teamed up with the Samaritan Fund."

Watch Gene talk about his firsthand experience being a participant.

How it Works


Complete a HIPAA
Authorization Form

It’s quick and easy. Completing a HIPAA Authorization form ensures that your private information is kept confidential. 


Samaritan Fund Program
Reaches Out

A representative reaches out to discuss the program and supports you in selecting an individual medical plan that meets your needs. 


Application Process
is Started

Once an acceptable plan is found, a formal application is submitted to participate in the Samaritan Fund Program.


Acceptance and Setup

If you are approved, we let you know, walk you through next steps, and we set up the program to take care of your medical expenses. 


Annual Assessment

You’re all set up and we take it from here. Your program will be reassessed annually for eligibility. We’re here to help throughout the year.


Be at Peace and Heal

Samaritan Fund Program is designed to take away your stress. Now you can do what is most important.. be at peace and heal.

Medical Expense Relief

Samaritan Fund Program Visa®

Your Samaritan Fund Program Debit Card will arrive preloaded with the funds specific to your program.  These funds can be used for medical expenses and prescriptions. The debit card will not allow any purchases of non-medical expenses by blocking those transactions.  It’s fast and easy to use. Our portal and mobile app allow you to check your balance on the go. 

We're Here for You.

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