With Samaritan Fund Program, Everyone Wins

With an infinite amount of plan design possibilities, it is impossible for employers to choose one or two plans that fit everyone’s needs.  Even the best insurance plans don’t cover every drug or every procedure.  These holes in coverage get exposed when participants are faced with disease and high cost situations.  The Samaritan Fund Program engages your employees, finds them coverage customized to their situation, and applies them for financial subsidy from foundations and charities sympathetic to their situations.  Employers see tremendous savings as high dollar claims leave their plan, and the participants have all of their medical bills taken care of.  Everyone wins.

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Benefitting Employees

An individual health insurance plan combined with the assistance of the Samaritan Fund Program leaves qualified individuals with little to no out-of-pocket costs for medical care. 

Employee Perspective

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Benefitting Employers

Employers enjoy tremendous bottom-line savings when high-dollar claims are no longer an expense of the group health insurance plan. For your company and your employees, it’s a win-win.

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What We’re Doing

Help Where It’s Needed Most

Give your employees the help they need while also lowering the claims paid by your group medical plan. Spread the love today.

Individualizing Options

The Affordable Care Act allows individuals to purchase health insurance without pre-existing condition limitations or lifetime benefit limitations. Many individuals find that choosing an individual health insurance plan that fits their needs, rather than enrolling in a group health plan, better serves their family. This decision is theirs.

Eliminating Financial Burden

Serious medical conditions are financially crippling, even with good medical insurance. Many employees have plans that are designed to work for a large amount of people. Individuals can be left with out-of-pocket expenses exceeding $9,100 per person. The Samaritan Fund Program eliminates this financial burden.

Delivering Peace of Mind

We connect people battling medical conditions with resources that eliminate financial stress and support them throughout their journey. The program is designed to give people peace of mind. More time to spend with family, enjoy life, and focus on the most important thing – health.

Be the Help Your Employees Need.