Giving the Peace of Mind to Heal


Facing a tough medical diagnosis? Our program supports you during this difficult time, easing your financial burden.

Be a Samaritan

Able to help those in need but don't know where to begin? Help us make a difference by becoming a Samaritan today.


Save your company money in premiums and claims, while also helping your employees when they need it most.

I have worked my entire career in the medical insurance industry. I saw firsthand how serious illnesses affect families both physically and financially. I wanted to help those that struggled. My team and I, inspired by the story of the Good Samaritan, developed a program that connects those who need help to the support they need. We are proud to offer the Samaritan Fund Program.

Brett Morris, CEO

Real Experiences.
Real Peace of Mind.

Samaritan Fund Program has given me the opportunity to just worry about my health and not the bills. You don’t need that extra stress.. I’m very blessed to be a part of the program. I’m very blessed to be in the program.. It’s a God send. 




I think Samaritan Fund was an idea that always was floating around – but you actually figured it out and took action and built it. I love your proactive, patient-first approach.



As an agent, I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Samaritan Fund.  Brett was extremely knowledgeable and helpful to both the client and especially the member.  His approach was caring and compassionate.  This solution was a win-win, the member and the client both saved money and Brett handled everything! 



The SFP has saved us from moving back into public housing and has provided stability for my high school aged daughter. The relief it has provided us is immeasurable.. You’ve been touched by an angel. There ARE people who care. Believe!




I learned about the Samaritan Fund Program as an employer, and I find that offering this program to our employees is the best kind of help I can give them in a difficult time. The people, the process, and the mission are incredible. I hope other employers are able to offer this to their valued employees.



In the beginning, I thought, it’s too god to be true, because you never get something for nothing. I think the program is great; it has literally helped me and my husband, giving such a big relief off of our shoulders.. I was just telling my doctor yesterday that my worry about getting the medication I need to live is gone.



The Samaritan Fund is absolutely a light of hope when illness has become the center of life. When we couldn’t see any way to pay the medical bills and continue with necessary treatment and surgeries to get life back together, this organization came and said they would help.




Just do it. The program is life changing and such a relief of burdens that you don’t even expect to be right around the corner.. The SFP is the net there to catch you. Let your guard down and focus on what’s truly important, health and healing.





Simply put I just thought it was too good to be true.. I’d tell someone now: Believe it! It is too good AND it is true. Don’t be afraid to apply.







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